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how can you tell if your puppies will have long or short hair?

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q: how can you tell if your puppies will have long or short hair ?
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tell your hair stylist you would like your hair layered...either long or short layers.

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do you have to shave the poodles hair off?

it's best to take them to a professional groomer. they will leave it as long or short as you tell them too.

how will you convince your mother that short hair is better than long hair for school going girl?

just tell her it will be easier to take care of and that you won't spend hours in the bathroom fixing your hair.

how can you tell if your kitten will have long hair?

you can tell if your kitten will have long hair or not by the time it is 6 to 8 weeks old. a kitten that has a fuzzy, soft and full coat is likely to have long hair.

can someone tell me what are good, easy hair styles for short hair?

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how do you tell if my dog is going to have long hair when bigger?

okay first what type of dog is it? if its a mutt then probably depends on what its mixed with but if its mixed with a long and a short haired then most likely it will be long haired. my dog is a pure bred toy poodle and she has long ish hair

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how do you tell if a kitten has long hair?

if he/she has tufts of hair coming out of their ears and have poofy tails. long hair cats/kittens are extremely furry.

how do you tell the length of hair on kittens?

do you mean as in how can you tell how long its hair is goona be? if so it is kinda just a wait and see unless it already has really flowing hiar already normally be about 4 to 5 weeks you will be able to tell how long its hair will be.

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how do you tell if a dog that's pregnant has had its puppies?

you see the puppies around the mother.

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skirt/dress, pants, shorts, hair

what is wrong with my puppies paws?

you tell me

how can you tell if a dog had puppies?

the sudden appearance of puppies might be one way to tell. often the nipples will become more prominent.

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the cloth

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