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how can you keep petroleum around ?

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how do you make petroleum jelly in to liquid?

petroleum jelly will turn to a liquid if heated to around 75oc

what is the shelf life of petroleum jelly?

the shelf life of unopened petroleum jelly is around 3 years.

what do you were on your lips when you have a blister and go back out in sun?

petroleum jelly or a petroleum based lip balm, you want to keep cold sores moist when you are out in the sun.

how do you get petroleum?

petroleum is found naturally underground on planet earth. however, you are able to buy it at most gas stations around the world.

why was opec created?

to regulate petroleum prices around the world.

what natural resource was found around the sinai peninsula?


does the us rely more on domestic petroleum or imported petroleum?

the us consumes 21,000,000 barrels of oil per day and only around 6,000,000 barrels of that are produced within the us. the rest of the petroleum must be imported.

what are the immediate cost of biodiesel vs petroleum fuel?

well when you buy biodiesel it tends to be around $53... and petroleum fuel tends to be much less then that so if you are planning on drinking this then the cheaper one would have to be petroleum fuel :)

how do you get rid of a wart with stuff you can find around the house?

i am not sure what you have around your house, but you may have petroleum jelly, which is often successful in getting rid of warts; smother the wart in petroleum jelly and leave it for a few days.

is it okay to put petroleum jelly around a new lip piercing?

no it isnt. petroleum jelly is too thick and doesn't let your piercing breathe properly.

what do you mean by refining of petroleum?

petroleum refining is petroleum refining

what is the definition of petroleum free?

something that contains no petroleum is petroleum-free.

how is oil distributed among the countries of southwest asia?

petroleum is primarily found around the persian gulf, so, the countries that border the gulf (iran, iraq, kuwait, saudi arabia, bahrain, qatar, and the united arab emirates) have petroleum. the countries of the levant, by contrast, lack petroleum. egypt also has some petroleum.

is petroleum a mineral why not?

petroleum is not a mineral because a mineral is a solid and petroleum is not; it is a fuel.

is petroleum a solid?

petroleum is a liquid.

is plastic made of petroleum?

plastic is made out of petroleum. the source for today's plastic is petroleum.

how do you use the word combustibility in a sentence?

the combustibility of petroleum gases makes them dangerous around machinery.

does putting vasaline on pumpkins keep them from rotting?

petroleum jelly on the cut edges of a pumpkin will slow the oxidation and rotting of the fruit.

what has the author norman j hyne written?

norman j. hyne has written: 'geology for petroleum exploration, drilling, and production' -- subject(s): petroleum, prospecting, petroleum engineering, geology 'dictionary of petroleum exploration, drilling & production' -- subject(s): dictionaries, petroleum, petroleum engineering 'nontechnical guide to petroleum geology, exploration, drilling, and production' -- subject(s): prospecting, petroleum, petroleum engineering, geology

what has the author a e dunstan written?

a. e. dunstan has written: 'the science of petroleum' -- subject(s): petroleum engineering, petroleum industry and trade 'chemistry and the petroleum industry' -- subject(s): petroleum

what is a petroleum geologist?

what ease petroleum geologist

what is venezuela's major industry?

petroleum petroleum

what is petroleum a mixture of?

petroleum is a mixture of hydrocarbons.

a sentence for petroleum?

petroleum is a science fact

how much petroleum is in petroleum jelly?

a bit