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how can customers use precaution from social engineering ?

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a measure for preventing a social engineering attack except?

one of the best ways to prevent a social engineering attack is to use a good anti-virus program and to always choose strong passwords.

which of the following is a measure for preventing a social engineering attack?

do not use portable storage devices.

what attack type is most often associated with the use of social engineering?

unauthorized access

what kind of tools do phishers use?

successful phishers will use social engineering, human nature and programming tools.

how can a company create and maintain good relationships with its customers?

a company can maintain a relationship with the public and their customers by offering discounts on products. they can also use social media to stay in contact with customers.

why is anemia a precaution for the use of paracetamol?

anemia is a precaution for the use of paracetamol due to its potential to cause liver damage. there are types of anemia which are caused by liver disease.

who does social engineering?

persons seeking to gain access to protected computer networks commonly use "social engineering". portraying themselves as naïve users and requesting help from other users or administrators of the network, they try to trick their targets into divulging passwords or exposing protected information. a lot of so-called identity theft cases are nothing more than social engineering.

how do you use the word precaution in a sentence?

"she took every precaution to ensure she would not get hurt while riding her bike" we should get insurance, just as a precaution. what precaution have you taken against failure? after having knee surgery, the basketball player began wearing a knee brace as a precaution. please take the precaution of holding onto the rail while crossing this high bridge over the canyon.

what is meant by customers and who are customers?

the customers are the people who use the serives or goods

how does engineering use math as a job?

math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!

what type of engineering drawings do you use and how do they interrelate?

i don't use engineering drawings.... i guess?!

what are some jobs that use computers that i could apply for as an engineering graduate?

there are several jobs that use computers that you could apply for as an engineering graduate. mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and chemical engineering are to name a few.

what does crm business solution mean?

crm business solution refers to a process within an organization for dealing with current and future customers. for example, companies may use social media to interact with potential and current customers.

what is common to all fields of engineering?

use of the engineering process

why do you use math in engineering?

they use science, engineering, and math to solve math problems for businesses.

what is customer interaction?

customer interaction involves how sales engage customers. stores use people in customer service to make good first impressions and to treat the customers with respect. there is also customer interaction by using social media and websites that carry what customers need and help them when they need it.

application of integration in electrical engineering?

use of integration in electrical engineering

how do you use genetic engineering in a sentence?

the risks and benefits of genetic engineering.

what is the relivance of logic in civil engineering?

the use of logic in civil engineering

what are the precautions of test tube holder?

any special precaution: use the adequate holder.

how do you use questions to check that they understand what customers are telling them?

how to use questions to check that they understand what customers are telling them

why is social media used?

two-thirds of online adults (66%) use social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, myspace or linkedin. these internet users say that connections with family members and friends are a primary consideration in their adoption of social media tools. roughly two thirds of social media users say that staying in touch with current friends and family members is a major reason they use these sites, while half say that connecting with old friends they' ve lost touch with is a major reason behind their use of these technologies. business owners use social media to promote their online as well as retail businesses through social media sites. it is used in order to attract target customers and also to retain present customers. social media helps businesses to compete with competitors as well.

use of scientific discoveries for practical purposes?

it's called "engineering".

how can you use genetic engineering in a sentence?

"genetic engineering is a very controversial issue."

are there coupons for at&t customers that already use the service?

no, at&t does not have any current coupons that their current customers can use. they usually only offer coupons to new customers.