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earth is where the tides are. the sun provides an anchor for the earth and the moon pulls on the water on the side facing and away from the moon are bulged outward and the sides that are in between are low and smaller thus creating the high and low tides

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q: how are tides related to the earth sun and moon?
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how is the moon and sun and earth and tides related?

the moon, sun, earth, and tides are all related because of the tidal effect. the earth's oceans are pulled by both the moon and the sun to generate tides.

how is gravity and the tides related?

they are related by the pull of the moon and the arrangement of the moon, sun and our planet earth

how is a tidal range affected when the moon earth and sun are in line?

there are two main types of tide. spring tides and neap tides (nothing to do with the time of year!) when the sun and moon are in line with the earth (sun, moon then earth or sun, earth then moon) this gives rises to the highest tides which we call "spring tides" when the moon is furthest out of line we get the weakest tides, "neap tides"

what forces causes the earth's highest tides in the ocean?

the gravity of the moon and sun causes the earth's tides. the greatest tides are called 'spring' tides which occur when the earth, moon and sun are aligned. the moon has the greatest effect on our tides because of its proximity.

what occurs when the earth moon and sun are at a 90 degree angle?

when the sun, moon and earth are roughly lined up, there are higher-than-average "spring" tides in earth's oceans. when the sun, moon and earth are at right angles, they cause "neap" tides which are lower than average.

compare and contrast spring and neap tides?

spring tides occur when the sun, moon, and earth are aligned. neap tides occur when the sun, moon and earth form a right angle.

how are tides and eclipses related?

tides are caused by the gravity of the moon and the lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is between the earth and the sun, hence blocking the light. they are related because the moon make them both occur.

why does the moon have a effect on tides than earth?

the moon and the sun have an effect on the tides

are tides at their highest during neap tides?

no neap tides are when the sun,earth, and moon form a right angle. this makes the the water on earth be pulled towards the sun and the moon. causing the tides to be very low. spring tides are when tides are the highest because the earth,sun,and moon are in a line,causing very high tides.

how are the earth sun and moon aligned during spring tides?

the earth, sun, and moon are aligned in a straight line during spring tides.

what causes tides and what affects their heights?

tides are caused by the interaction of earth, the moon, and the sun. changes in the positions of earth, the moon, and the sun affect the heights of the tides during a month.

what phases of the moon bring the highest tides?

a full moon and new moon will bring the highest tides because it is when the sun, earth, and moon are aligned. tides are caused by gravitational pull on the earth by sun and moon, when they are all aligned the gravitational pulls on the earth are the greatest.

what effect does the earth and the moon and the sun have on the tides?

the gravity from the moon and sun work together to form different tides

what is a new moon full moon and neap tide with respect to tides earth moon and sun?

neap tides are lower than normal tides and happen when the sun and moon are at right angles in relation to the earth. at full moon and new moon the moon sun and earth are in a line which causes spring tides these are higher than normal tides a new moon is when the moon starts its "cycle" again which happens every 27.3 days or something like that.

how do the position of the moon and sun affect the ocean tides on earth?

tides on the earth are caused by the gravity of the sun and of the moon. the sun is far larger than the moon, but the moon is a lot closer, so the moon has a greater impact on tides than the sun does.when the sun, earth and moon are fairly close to being lined up, the gravitational effects of the tides from the sun and the tides from the moon are added together, so we get higher-than-average "spring" tides. when the sun, earth and moon are not lined up - for example, around the first quarter or third quarter phases of the moon - then the tidal forces counteract each other, and we have lower-than-average "neap" tides..

what is the connection of the tides the moon and the earth?

tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon upon the oceans of the earth. the sun has the greatest pull. the tides are greatest during a new moon when the sun and the moon are pulling from the same direction. the side of the earth that faces the sun usually has the high tide, while the side away from the sun has the low tide.

does the moon or the sun affect earth's tides more?

the moon affects the tides more than the sun, without the moon, we'd have no waves.

what causes the moon's phases?

the phrases of the moon is caused by the angle the sun's rays illuminates the moon. as the earth orbits the sun, so the moon orbits the earth, which constantly changes the angle of sunlight striking the moon.

why do you have spring tides?

because the sun, the earth, and the moon align in the following order: sun, earth, moon.

how do the phases of the moon have an effect on the tides?

the tides are stronger when sun, earth, and moon are aligned - this is because when that happens, sun and moon work together to produce stronger tides. this happens at full moon, or new moon.

how does the positions of the earth moon and sun affect tides?

gravitational pull of the sun and the moon may affect the tides. if you notice carefully the tides will be high during a full moon day.

how are the earth the moon and the sun positioned when you have the lowest high tides?

the sun, moon and earth form a right angle at the earth.

what is caused by the moon's gravitational pull on the earth?

the moon causes the earth's oceans to have tides. there are several differ types of tides. there is the spring tide is when the sun, moon and earth are in a straight line. a neap tide is when the sun, earth and moon are at a right angle.

what type of tides has the highest high tides and the lowest low tides called?

the greatest high tides are spring tides where the earth, moon, and sun are in a line. they are also the lowest low tides. the least high tides and low tides are called neap tides when the sun, moon and earth form a right angle

who has a greater affect on earth's tides sun or moon?

the moon