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the observations and material collected by the apollo 11 crew led to exciting discoveries. among the most important findings: analysis of the chemical composition of lunar rocks helped strengthen the theory that the moon was actually a chip off the young earth.

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what kind of science is space?

astronomy is space exploration and cosmology it physics in space.

define space exploration?

space exploration is the use of astronomy and space technology to explore outer space.hysical exploration of space is conducted both by human spaceflights and by robotic spacecraft.

the moon landings were part of what program of space exploration?

the moon landings were part of the "apollo" space exploration.

what kind of technology helped us space program?

it is in astronomy, space travel and exploration

what was the purpose of the apollo missions?

space exploration and national prestige.

what is iss in terms of astronomy?

in terms of space exploration, iss is short for the international space station.

why is space astronomy important?

because if we know the knowledge of astronomy, we will be smarter.

is astonomy just about stars?

no. astronomy has to do with stars, planets, comets, and everything else that has to do with space. the orbits of planets, constellations, and history of space exploration is also a part of astronomy.

why is a space program important to astronomy?

astronomy is about space, and the only way people will know about space is by exploring it. space programs help people learn about it.

how are space probes useful?

space probes are very useful in astronomy. they help in the exploration and understanding of bodies and substances that out of the earth.

what is important in astronomy?

objects in space and the means to study them.

how important is astronomy in the field of science?

astronomy is very important in the field of science because we are in space and space can effect us in different ways and space can link us to past present and future as well.

did apollo make anything?

apollo was the name of the u.s. program that put men on the moon between 1969 and 1972. space vehicles and other space exploration equipment were created for this purpose.

what has the author roger ressmeyer written?

roger ressmeyer has written: 'space places' -- subject(s): astronomy, exploration

how has the focus of the us space program changed snice the time of the apollo program?

the focus of the apollo program was just the moon and getting there and back. now the focus of the space program is to build a viable permanent base in space, with a view to deep space exploration.

what has the author walter froehlich written?

walter froehlich has written: 'apollo 14: science at fra mauro' -- subject(s): project apollo (u.s.), space flight to the moon 'man in space' -- subject(s): astronautics, exploration 'apollo soyuz' -- subject(s): apollo soyuz test project

who was the first kid to go to the moon?

as of now, no child has ever been in space.

how did space exploration affect florida's culture?

space exploration has been a factor in the economy of florida. from the 1950-60 brought the saturn, gemini and apollo programs. with it cutting edge technology, and welcomed a technically charged culture.

what apollo space ship had an explosion while in space?

apollo 13 had an explosion while encourse to the moon. luckily, the three astronauts inside were able to survive and make it back to earth alive. the mission reminded people of the dangers of space exploration. the mission's story has been made into a movie, apollo 13.

what are the reasons for space exploration?

space exploration is an important part of our life today. the main reasons for exploring space are:- 1) the urge to know what is out there2) by space exploration, we get to know if there is any harm from the heavens coming our way3) the sheer thrill of it

why was isaac newton important to space exploration?

how did newton originally propose to launch things into space?

how did apollo change space exploration?

the apollo program changed space exploration in many ways. it landed 12 people on the moon between 1969 and 1972,it helped us further understand what happens in long term missions, it helped develop the first american space station and the most advanced one at the time, and it proved to the world that democracy triumphs over socialism.

what space science words start with a?

some words related to space science that start with a:apollo missionsastronautsastronomyasteroidsatmosphereadventureamazing photosarmstrong, neil

why is space exploration worth it?

why is space exploration worth what.

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