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who is known as the first african american scientist

what is luis alvarez's cultural background

what was benjamin banneker's ethnic background

which scientist used mathematical knowledge to calculate the exact measurement of the meter

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what are chromosomes made of

how are mitosis and meiosis similar

what is a gel electrophoresis chamber

in pea plants what are the two alleles for color

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which term explains whether an object's velocity has increased or decreased over time

which of these is a characteristic of nonmetals

what is the only factor needed to calculate change in velocity due to acceleration of gravity 9.8 ms

what term is used to describe splitting a large atomic nucleus into two smaller ones

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q: hi i have to do a full page about how it would work and it has to be scientific. any information would help me so if i were to do a real time travel machine what is needed in it for it to work?
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someone who travel to gain geographical or scientific information?


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what vaccinations are needed for travel to zambia?

how do you write snakes travel in pairs in a scientific question?

do snake travel

when you need the help of the machine?

you need help from a machine when the task is beyond human being's reach for eg. like to lift a heavy rock, to travel 100 miles in a hour etc. also machines are needed for convenience for eg. washing machine.

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how can you travel time?

time machine

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it is impossible to build a machine that can travel through time.

what is time travel machine?

it takes you from place to place

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more information needed. what is the fuel milage of the vehicle in question? rephrase and resubmit. ■

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sound requires a medium to travel

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travel - waves travel

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i had broke the machine so i wasn't able for time travel.

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