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q: explain what happens during the process to determine the project budget?
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example for project methodology?

an example of project methodology is the project management process. this system uses a step by step approach to determine and achieve goals.

what are the main aims of the processes in the planning process group?

-determine the actions that must be taken to meet project objectives -refine project objectives -defing project scope

who list and explain the activities of project planning?

list and explain the activities of the project planning phase

why the project manager has to create a specification for the project?

in order to define the phases of project from initial process, planning process, execution process, control and supervision process and close out process

how do you determine what project or request constitutes a high priority?

determine what project or request constitutes a high priority?

what is the purpose of determine benefit cost for a project?

to determine if a project is worth doing. this is the right answer!

how would the project team members identify and explain the criteria for working as a member of a project team?

how would the project team members: identify and explain the criteria as a member of a project team

define the control process in project management?

the contol process is so important in project management. without control process the project management is incomplete.

what is the meaning of the project title?

a project title will vary depending on the project. a project title will briefly explain what the specific project is about.

a sentence with the word explain?

dalila had to explain to the class about her project .

what is the main way in which the develop project charter process and the develop project management plan process are linked?

the project charter is a key input to the develop project management plan

what is the explanation for the steps involves in project identification?

explain the poocess of project identification

what does discussion mean on a science fair project?

to explain how the project topic works and what it does

which statements most accurately explain the activity and relative duration of the monitoring and controlling process group?

the monitoring and controlling processes take place throughout the project lifecycle the monitoring and controlling process group shows the most activity in the middle of the project lifecycle, when the executing process group activities are approaching their peak

what is gang process chart?

the gang process chart is used to determine how many workers are need per machine to accomplish a particular project. it can also be used to plot the interaction between the workers and machines.

how do the direct and manage project work process and the monitor and control project work process interact with each other?

the monitor and control project work process often generates change requests that, if approved, become inputs to the direct and manage project work process. work performance data, an output of the direct and mange project work process, is processed and work performance information becomes an input to the monitor and control project work process.

explain how a project is different from a business?

a business is an organization, and a project is just something that an organization does.

what development project management plan process?

what process related components do you need to consider for the project management plan

'should a good project plan formulate methods for anticipating problems explain'?

should a good project plan formulate methods for anticipating problems explain'?"

what are some of the outputs that may be produced from the direct and manage project execution process for this project?

reduced greenhouse gas, a later date set for installation, test results that determine the efficiency, the finding that it's necessary for duel-fuel capability

explain why the process of project planning is iterative and why a plan must be continually reviewed during software project?

the 2 questions are not related to each other: - iterative project planning is used when uncertainty is high. - the second part of the question probably should be edited out.

what is elements of management and explain these elements?

there are five elements that constitute project management, initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and close. initiation is the step where a project is authorized and people are assigned roles. planning is where the blueprint for the project is created. execution is where the plan is carried out, after which, you enter the monitoring phase to ensure that all parts of the project are going as planned. finally, closure happens when the project is completed.

what was alfred wegeners project?

his project was to find out how or give an explication on how the continents are the same today and answer a question that another guy said the other guy said that the earths continents were once all together but that guy didn't know how to explain how it happens

defferences between process and project management?

the process has no begining and no ending while project management has a life span examples for process is effeciencey, repetitive, roles, experience while project is unique, finite, effectiveness, goals respectivelly.

what is a project list?

a project list identifies potential projects that may interest an organization. managers analyze each project to determine which project complements the organization's strategy.

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