australian shepherds

does the australian shepherd have any enemies ?

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who are the enemies of a german shepherd and how does it protect itself?

who are the german shepherd enemies

is there a australian shepherd in nintendogs?

no, this breed is not in any version of nintendogs.

can you get australian shepherds on nintendogs for nintendo ds?

no, the australian shepherd is not available in any version of nintendogs.

what is the function of australian shepherd in the sentence we named our australian shepherd?

it is a noun. is that what you are asking?

is the tail of an australian shepherd dog docked?

the tail of an australian shepherd is not docked.

what are the enemies of the german shepherd?

the pack leaders enemies that is there enemies.

what breed were the dogs in 'animal farm'?

it's some sort of shepherd. my top three guesses are english shepherd australian shepherd border collie it could be any one...but australian shepherd's tails are normally docked...

could an australian shepherd win a fight against a german shepherd?

no. the german shepherd would beat up an australian shepherd only because it is bigger. but if they were the same size the australian shepherd would beat the german shepherd in a fight.

should you own a border collie or an australian shepherd why?

they are both amazing dogs but probably an australian shepherd

where can you buy a toy australian shepherd in australia? you can't. there is no such thing as a toy australian shepherd. there is a toy australian shepherd and a miniature australian shepherd. i have a mini. they are not recognized by the akc, but that does not mean they don't exist. the breeds started years ago by breeding small australian shepherds.

is the australian shepherd smarter than the german shepherd?

both the australian shepherd and german shepherd pose the same range in intelligence but in different special abilities. it also depends on how you train them.

when is an australian shepherd fully grown?

any dog is considered an adult by two years.

can an australian shepherd live in a apartment?

it definitely can as long as there are not any rules about having pets.

what australian shepherd has the straight coat instead of the poofy coat?

its not a australian shepherd its a border collie. does it have black fur?

who are the enemies of a german shepherd?


how do you spell australian shephard?

it should be spelt as australian shepherd.

opinion- which is cuter a boxer or a australian shepherd?

i would personally say an australian shepherd but i also like the boxer

how tall can an australian shepherd grow to?

the average australian shepherd weighs about 30-50 lbs and is about 18-23 inches.

what is the lifespan of an australian shepherd?

australian shepherds are expected to live 12-14 years barring any accidents or unforeseen health problems.

what are german sheperds enemies?

as long as you treat them as equally and don't abuse them they do not have enemies. the shepherd has no natural enemies.

where did the australian shepherd originate?

the us

where is an australian shepherd really from?


how do you teach an australian shepherd 'sit pretty'?

the best way to teach an australian shepherd sit pretty is to practice, practice, practice. by repeating the process and giving a treat when it is done correctly, the australian shepherd will start to sit pretty.

what breeds are suited for mating withaustralian shepherd?

an australian shepherd. mutts are worth nothing.

where can you get an australian shepherd dog?

from a reputable breeder.