does color affect memory ?

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preston auger
answered 2021-05-07 21:14:51

no, now that's only if you skilled at not doing that and staying focused can be good if your good at doing that.

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gudrun cremin

2021-05-10 19:05:41

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can color affect your memory?

yes, color can affect your memory.

how does the color of text affect your memory?

its better to remember

does color of text affect your memory?

yes; studies have shown that effective color-coding of facts, for example, aids in memory.

does color affect your memory?

very probable it is not a serious hypothesis.

science fair project does color affect memory?

yes it can

does color affect memory science fair report?

yes it effects memory b?c its a certain color that your eyes cant take

does the color of text affect your memory?

yes the most remembered is yellow

does the color green and blue affect memory?

all colours affect memory. if you saw yellow while you were getting married everytime you saw yellow it would remember you of your wedding. some colours trigger memory more than others but most colours affect memory

does hair color affect memory?

no i do nopt belive so. just effects how you look on the out side.

does gender affect memory?

no gender does not affect memory

what is the first memory in the giver?

the first memory was the color red or color.

do patterns affect memory?

yes, patterns affect memory, but only slightly

does different colors affect memory?

yes different colours affect memory

does television affect memory?

i don't know if it affects memory, but television does affect us.

how do movies affect your memory?

movies do affect your memory. they are affected by the pictures in the head of people

how does color effect memory?

color effects memory by improving it. color has a strong visual impact on the human cognitive system. people are attracted by color and this increases their attention level, which in turn enhances their memory.

how does alcohol and marijuana affect memory?

alcohol is known to affect the memory and have a short term effect for memory, and does have long term effect if abused. marijuana on the other hand there is lots of controversy on it, and from what i know it does not affect memory at all.

what is the color for the memory wire for 1997 ford explorer?

what color is the memory wire on a 1997 ford explore

what colors do nook colors covers come in?

does color affect the battery life? you bet it does. ... the nook color comes with 8gb of memory, enough for about 6000 books, newspapers, or magazines-though the ... that is certainly not the case with the nook color

does the color of cream cheese affect people's perception of the taste?

how do color affect people how do color affect people

does the color of text affect memory?

black text is proven to be the easiest to remember because other colors distract you so you forget what it says

does lack of sleep affect your memory?

it can. if you are sleep deprived, your memory can suffer.

how does color affect a person's mood?

how does color affect a person's mood

how can amnesia affect your lifestyle?


what does dissociative amnesia affect?