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do you have a counselor at the university?

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there are academic counselors available, career counselors, general counselors, counselors who deal with disabilities, and within community colleges transfer counselors.

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q: do you have a counselor at the university ?
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list three functions a career counselor can serve at broome community college?

there area number of areas college or university counselors can function in. some would include the following.counselor generalist or academic counselorcareer counselortransfer counselor ( typically community colleges)disabilities counselor

what scholarships can you get for madison wisconsin?

you need to speak to a counselor for the university and see what you are qualified for.

what kind of work experience does a counselor need?

i want the address of a reputable university to gives me a university certificate based on my work experience like lorenz university but to be accredited

what courses should be taken to become a psychiatrist?

it depends on what classes your local university offers. talk to a counselor at the university you want to take the classes at.

where can you find information about the university of phoenix?

type in wetsern international university or university of phoenix in google. get the numbers to some enrollment counselors and go from there. call your local campus and ask for the receptionist's favorite enrollment counselor.

which is correct spelling - counselor or counselor?

counselor is the correct spelling.

what jobs can you get with a master's degree in counseling?

mental health counselorschool counselorsubstance abuse or behavioral disorder counselorrehabilitation counselormarriage and family counselor

what universities offer a master's degree in sports marketing?

university of florida , university of central florida, and wayne state university are great places to start. i would also look into talking to your counselor at school to see if they have any suggestions.

how much does it cost to attend that a college for 1 year for a career as a school counselor?

it will cost you 8,132 if you go to arizona state university.

how can i be a surgical technician?

a person can be a surgical technician if they visit a college and or a university and speak with a career counselor. they would help them out in registration and classes.

what program would you go into to become a school counselor?

typically, the minimum educational requirement for a school counselor is a master's degree in student personnel services with certification. individuals who seek this degree come from a variety of educational backgrounds at the undergraduate level. you should meet with a career counselor at the college or university you attend to discuss the options available.

what should one expect from a university career services office?

at a university career services office, there will usually be a counselor that will be there to help one make choices and decisions. the counselors are usually there to help one determine what one wants to be and what the person wants to do after university.

which is the correct spelling counselor or counselor?


is it possible for me to take university courses while still in high school?

it is possible to take university/college courses in high school if your school provides it. simply ask your school counselor about it and they will provide you with the information.

how do you say counselor in hebrew?

a male counselor = yo'ets (יועץ) a female counselor = yo'etset (יועצת)

how do you spell counselor?

that is the correct us spelling of "counselor" (advisor or attorney). the uk spelling is counsellor.

who was the counselor of greeks at troy?

who was the counselor who helped troy

what are the requirements to become a counselor?

requiirements to become a counselor

do you capitalize counselor?

no unless your talking about a specific counselor

what skills are required to be a counselor?

what skills are required to be a counselor

what part of speech is with your counselor?

with your counselor is a prepositional phrase.

what degrees are offered at the university of south florida?

it would be better to inquire at the university of south florida to see what degree programs are available. a counselor there may be able to direct one to a better program that what one was seeking.

how much money does a school counselor make?

the salary for a school counselor will depend on the location and the experience of the counselor. on average, a school counselor makes $56,170, as of 2014.

what gpa is required to get into georgetown university?

my friend's guidance counselor gave her a whole sheet showing the average gpas of colleges and universities, and georgetown's was a 4.3.

does lamar university offer financial aid?

yes, lamar university offers financial aid. you can visit their financial aid office anytime and talk to a financial aid counselor who would guide you through your educational payment.