do women in comas have periods ?

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when was juan comas born?

juan comas was born in 1900.

when did juan comas die?

juan comas died in 1979.

what does comas mean?

comas means races mentally ill and weird

can women get their periods after conception?

a women can get back her periods once she stops taking her conception tablets.

what does no te lo comas mean?

"no te lo comas" is spanish for "do not eat it".

when was josep comas solà born?

josep comas solà was born in 1868.

when did josep comas solà die?

josep comas solà died in 1937.

when was xavier comas guixé born?

xavier comas guixé was born in 1977.

when was jorge comas born?

jorge comas was born on 1960-06-09.

when was alex comas born?

alex comas was born on 1971-11-14.

women have periods do men have?


do you have periods if you have endometriosis?

all women are different. some women with endometriosis will not have regular periods. however, there are also women with endometriosis that either have irregular periods, or even those that have very regular periods. if you think you may have endometriosis, see your ob gyn.

after periods do women need to qaza their salah and fasts?

muslim women do not have to do "qadha" for their salah after their periods. however, they need to do "qadha" for fasts that were not done in ramadhan after their periods.

why do women stop their periods after 40 age?

most women still have periods after 40. when they do lose their period, it's called menopause. women lose their periods because they are past the age where it is safe for their bodies to have children and periods prepare a woman's body to have a child.

do women have a period if have hiv?

hiv does not prevent women from having periods. if a woman was getting periods before getting hiv, periods are likely to continue until menopause.

when did josé comas quesada die?

josé comas quesada died on 1993-01-14.

when was josé comas quesada born?

josé comas quesada was born on 1928-02-03.

when was jaume comas font born?

jaume comas font was born on 1974-08-02.

when was jaume comas born?

jaume comas was born in 1948, in barcelona, barcelona, catalonia, spain.

do women 69 years get periods?


what has the author miguel aceytuno comas written?

miguel aceytuno comas has written: 'submarino b-7'

can women get their periods twice in a month?

a woman can get her period twice a month if she has irregular periods.

do people in comas get hiccups?

yes they do. a hiccup is a reflex, like a sneeze (which they also can do in comas). they do not realize that they are doing it though.

when was jorge alberto ramos comas born?

jorge alberto ramos comas was born on 1946-09-11.

when did jorge alberto ramos comas die?

jorge alberto ramos comas died on 2000-08-20.