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do some people rely on astrology?

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q: do some people rely on astrology ?
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what do you think about marriage astrology?

i think that it would be a mistake to rely on astrology to select a spouse. get to know people, and select someone you like. that is what matters.

why do some people believe in astrology but some don't?

everyones different.

why dont people believe in astrology?

because some lie

what is the lucky color of year of the dragon?

red but imo you shouldnt rely on astrology for anything

is there any prediction in vedic astrology about the end of the world on 21.122012?

there is no such prediction in vedic astrology. some people made some fantasy cinema and spread the rumor.

how do astrologer get their knowedlge?

they mostly get it from books about astrology, written by other people who learned it from other books about astrology, all the way back to some prehistoric dude who basically pulled it out of his astrology.

what does astrology have to do with your dating life?

according to science, astrology doesn't have anything to do with your dating life. some people who believe in astrology think that it can hold keys to your love life and other aspects of your future.

what are the bad things about astrology?

probably the worst thing about astrology is that it persuades some people their lives are not in their own hands. this is called fatalism. it can also lead some people into making decisions and judgments which have no basis in fact.

did the people who went to shakespeare's plays believe in astrology?

some did, some didn't. astrologers were very popular and a lot of people believed in them, queen elizabeth i for one. but not everybody believed in astrology. shakespeare has his character edmund in king lear make fun of astrology and people who believe in it, saying that people only use it as an excuse for their bad character traits.

what are aries girls like?

"aries" is a term used in astrology. the placing of the planets at the moment of that person's birth. in the cult of astrology, even the place of a birth signals some kind of astrological hokum. perhaps you should move to the sub-continent of india, where even well educated people rely on this hokum to find marriage partners.

does astrology have merit?

astrology has merit if you believe in it. many people abide by the principles of astrology and others don't believe in it at all.

what was the importance of astronomy to the pre-modern chinese?

the chinese rely heavily on the zodiac. the zodiac is based on astrology.

how does astrology considered a pseudo-science differ from true science?

science relies on fair tests and repeatable analysis. astrology is not proven to work at all. it is not a science as it does not rely on the same principles of science.

how do you find astrology based on blue sapphire gemstone?

astrology, along with other things, has no rational or provable basis. no doubt there are some people that will attribute astrology to gemstones or to anything else. reading chicken entrails for's nonsense.

what is a sentence for rely?

i cannot rely on you.i always rely on wiki answers to look for my answers.

why do many people still believe in astrology?

when you observe the result of time and event through vedic astrology transit results, only then you will understand why people still believe in astrology. if you do not touch water, you could not swim

why do many scientists not believe in astrology?

most scientists do not believe in astrology because it is not grounded in scientific principles. astrology proposes that objects in space have some sort of mystical influence on out fates and personalities of people on earth, but there is no scientific basis for this. astrology is not scientific in its practice, has a number of major inconsistencies, and is based on a highly oversimplified view of astronomy.

why do people rely on religion?

a lot of people rely on religion to provide their mind on something they can trust fully . some people though , use religion as an excuse to either explain or avoid their fear and their questions . other people rely on religion to support their mental health too .

where is astrology practiced?

astrology is the study of the stars and other space stuff. in some countries, such as ancient greece and china, astrology was used to predict the future. astrology is practiced in various ways all over the world.

is astrology true?

one opinionastrology is false... human nature is what makes astrology true. we humans tend to believe anything we see or hear for example: believing in nonsense gossip. life is not based on astrology, it is based on what happens in our own life, our past and present and makes us who we are.another opinionyes astrology is true. astrology is an age old concept where people get to find about their future. using astrology people can know about their future and can find insightful solutions of their problems.

do people rely on technology too much?

a lot of people use technology for many different things like, research,games,videos,questions,and much more,but some people rely on different thinks like books. but,ya its true that most people rely on technology to help them with life or something like that,so i think people rely on technology too much.

what is the origin of astrology?

astrology has been traced back to the sumerians, but some scholars believe that it is even older than that.

what subjects were the people in the renaissance interested in?

astrology and science

does astrology and palm reading really works?

many people believe that astrology and palm reading really works but there is no scientific evidence proving that it does. it seems that many people who read palms or practice astrology would be very wealthy if this really worked.

what is a sentence using the word pseudo?

paramecium use pseudopodia to move around.some people say astrology is a pseudoscience.