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do all echinoderms have a radula ?

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what type of mollusk does not have a radula?

the radula (or some form of the radula) is found in all classes of mollusks except bivalves (organisms with two shells such as clams).

do all echinoderms have endoskeletons?

yes, all echinoderms have endoskeletons.

what are five things echinoderms have in common?

they are all echinoderms.

do echinoderms have backbone?

no not all echinoderms have backbones like the starfish

are hermit crab echinoderms?

yes all crabs are echinoderms

do oysters have a radula?

no. oysters do not have a radula

do echinoderms live on land?

no, all echinoderms are marine animals. echinoderms live on the sea floor in all parts of the sea floor in the world.

in what environment do all echinoderms live?

echinoderms live only in the sea.

class without the radula in molluscs?

bivalves do not have a radula.

is radial symmetry common in echinoderms?

yes, all echinoderms have radial symmetry.

how are all echinoderms alike?

all echinoderms are spiny-skinned. ex)starfish, sea cucumbers, sea urchin

what are characteristics do echinoderms have?

they have spiny skin. if you look at pictures of echinoderms they all have spiny skin.

do echinoderms have antennae?

some do but not all.

where do all echinoderms live?

the sea

how does a snail use its radula?

gastropods use the radula to scrape food particles.

are echinoderms heterotrophs or autotrophs?

echinoderms, like all animals, are heterotrophs and need to eat food to survive.

what are echinoderms?

echinoderms are sea animals that live in salt water. there are five kind of echinoderms, sea stars, brittle stars, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and sand dollars. echinoderms all are invertebrates and have internal skeletons.

what is the same thing about all echinoderms?

in latin, echinodermata tranlates to "spiny skin". so, all echinoderms have spiny skin. also, most echinoderms have radial symmetry, except the sea cucumber which has bilateral symmetry.

all mollusks possess which 3 features?

a mantel, a radula and a muscular foot.

what characteristics do all echinoderms have in common?


what is found in all echinoderms?

radical symmetry

is a radula a foot?

no it is not.

what phylum has all members that live in the ocean?


what is found in all adult echinoderms?

radial symmtry

how do echinoderms move?

all echinoderms have tube feet. these feet have suction disks that enable the animals to crawl or attach themselves to objects.