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q: can you use icons from app store for your website?
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what app designs your apps?

there's an app called cocoppa which you can use to customize app icons.

what is the use of app store?

the 'app store' is for purchasing and downloading apps to your device.

what website can you use to download songs to your ipod directly?

none!! the itunes app/app store is the only form of getting stuff directly to your ipod.

how do you use on an iphone?

you can go to the website page and browse from there. you can also install the app that is on the apple store.

how do you get the apple store on you iphone?

you can download the official apple store app. searchon the app store for "apple store" and downloads the first app. the app is from apple and is an easy to use version of the apple online store

how do you get the app?

go to the app store and use you itunes card to get apps

how do you crop a фото on an ipad?

use the free photoshop app on the app store. the app is really easy to use.

is a mobile phone a source of light?

you can use either a pre-built in app or you can easily download a flashlight app from the app store or google play store and use that as a sufficient light source.

can you use an itunes voucher for in app purchases?

yes they can be used in the app store

how do you get the weather on to iphone 4s?

app store just download the app or use the default built in app.

how do i use the android app store ?

when you open the android app store, there should be a section labelled "help". there may be a tutorial for how to use the store in this section, or you can look up specific questions.

what is the best app to make to get a lot of money?

use handy pick app(play or app store)+sign up+use code to get 3$:mrx1cn

can you use app store card in itunes?

no, you can not.

can a blackberry use the app store?


can you use skype on iphone?

yes you can all you have to do is download the app in the i tunes app store.

can you use myspace on the ipod touch?

yeah theres a free app for it in the app store

where can one receive sprint tv?

depending on wether you use an iphone or android you can access the sprint tv app from app store or google play. sprint also allows for viewing online on their website.

does the app store on the iphone use the internet?

yes .

do you have to buy an app store card to buy app?

no, you can just use your own credit card.

what is the app you use to put cartoon faces on a picture?

the app that you can use to put cartoon faces on a picture is known as the draw a cartoon face app or the two faces app. these apps are free for download from the app store.

how do you type a letter on an ipad?

use a word processing app such as apple pages (available in the app store).

how do you use google play?

first u download the app in the store then you play the app

where can you get ipod touch games?

the apple app store of course! is a preloaded app on your itouch, just use that.

what store could you buy minecraft?

you can buy minecraft on its official website, for the pc version.for the xboxversion, you may use xbla store and for the pocket edition, google play and ios app market.

i used a 40 dollar itunes card for an in app purchase but it still shows 40 dollars in the app store so can i use an itunes card for in app purchases if so why?

you can use an itunes card for purchasing apps at the app store. maybe your card still has a value of $40 because you downloaded a free app.

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