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q: can you add water in the slam man?
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what actors and actresses appeared in slam man - 2014?

the cast of slam man - 2014 includes: shawn crapo as sergei unistov brian eibert as slam man jaci kjernander as young woman

can a adipex tablet be injected?

yes. no need to heat. just add 1-2ml of water, let it dissolve, draw through cotton, and slam it.

who was the first man to win the grand slam?


what do you add to ethene to make ethanol?

slam a fat cat poo into the ethanol

who was the last man to win the tennis grand slam?


if you have a huge pail that when it's filled to the top with water weighs 100 pounds what can you add to the barrel to make it lighter?

you have to add air.

who was the first man to accomplish the grand slam in tennis?

don budge in 1938.

the only man to win the grand slam twice tennis?

rod laver

who was the first man to win tennis grand slam?

don budge (usa) is the first man to win tennis grandslam.

what is the book slam about?

the book slam is about a teenage basketball player. he is a young man who is counting on his basketball talents being able to get him out of the inner city and give him a chance to succeed in life.

who is the only player to win the calendar year golden slam by winning all four grand slam titles and the olympic gold medal in the same year?

man gina

who was the first black man to win a grand slam?

in professional tennis, the first black male to win a grand slam event in singles was arthur ashe in 1968 at the u.s. open.

how do you make ramen in the microwave?

slam some water in a microwave safe bowl. then slam the ramen in that bad boy. then pop it in the microwave on high for about 5 mins or so.

what is the value of model 37 riot gun slam fire?

asa slam fire 37mm launchersasa slam fire 37mm launchers. we have four models of the slam fire available. these launchers will shoot all 37mm rounds. each launcher comes with a instruction manual.base model-$85.00add trigger-$110.00add trigger and adjustable stock-$150.00add trigger, adjustable stock, and optic rail-$170.00no serial numbering on slam firesprice: $85.00

what are the names of wrestlers in the mega powers tag team - summer slam 2009?

the mega-powers were "the macho man" randy savage and "the immortal" hulk hogan.......what do you want to know about summer slam 2009?

what is green and goes slam slam slam slam?

a four door pickle

do you add water to acid or acid to water?

you add acid to water

can you use water to add to your marine battery?

only add distilled water and never add tap water.

what nba player had the nickname honeycomb?

gus johonson. ---- click on the 'gus johnson' link to read about one of the first men to turn the slam dunk into a work of art and the first man i ever saw shatter a backboard with a slam dunk.

what are the best moves for gastrodon?

muddy water,body slam,ice beam,surf

how do you add water to a pontiac g6?

never add water, add coolant, which is a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water. add it to the overflow or recovery reservoir.

do you need to add water to a car battery?

on most modern sealed batteries you do not have to add water. on batteries that are not sealed you should check the battery monthly. if you have to add water only add distilled water and never tap water.

who was the man most difficult to pedigree by triple h?

the big show probably, but at summer slam it will be the great khali.

who was first man to win the golden slam of tennis?

actually a man has never won a golden slam, steffi graff is the only person who has achieved it.andre agassi won a career golden slam (meaning he won the 4 grand slams plus olympic gold over his whole career, a proper golden slam is winning all 5 in the same year)the williams sisters (as a doubles team) and australian "woodies" doubles team have also won career golden slams.

how do you change water activity in food?

to reduce water activity, you can # dry the food # add sugar # add salt to increase water activity, add water.