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stu feldt
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you can eat wood, but i think the more appropriate question is

"should i eat wood?"

the answer to that question is no, you should not eat wood!

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no, they do not eat wood, but they will chew wood to get to what is on the other side

termites eat plenty kinds of wood but definitely not a yakal wood, kamagong wood and molave wood.

there are a few pesky critters that eat wood. mostly insects such as the termites, shipworms, and gribbles eat wood. panda bears and catfish also eat wood.

they eat wood bamboo leaves.

no thet don't eat wood

no, caterpillars do not eat dock wood. this is because caterpillars do not typically eat wood. however, termites could definitely eat dock wood!

umm... first of all how come your question was "do termites eat new wood or new wood?"?? if your referring to old and new wood i think they eat both.

they eat dead plant material and wood.

wood peckers do not eat wood they just collect bugs inside the trees.

rats can eat metals so i am shore they can eat wood

wood peckers do not eat wood, they eat bugs and insects. the only reason it seems they eat wood because they are pecking at the bark of trees to get to the insect or bug inside thetree that is why they are called woodpeckers!!!!!!no all it does is peck wood it eats bugs and insects

yes, some cockroaches do eat wood, they are called woodroaches

some types of beetles feed on wood, which is where there name comes from. adult beetles do not eat wood; but often eat the fungus that grows on the moist area of timber or wood.

yes guinea pigs do eat wood they preefer tree bark but they can eat wood and bark, in fact it is 1 of their favorite treats :)

b/c they have different digestive systems and are able to eat wood.

they can eat hazel wood, apple wood and plum wood

no,the peck the wood for vibrations coming from bugs.they eat bugs.the drill holes to get to them.

wood toads eat primarily just crickets, grasshoppers and june bugs.

basically because they eat wood and can eat the wood in the house.

termites generaly eat dead wood but they can also eat live wood as well if their food suplies are scarce however they wioll only eat wood at fringes while they will leave the core intact.

horses chew wood but they gain no nutritional benefit from wood.

they like to eat wood and bark.

chevrotains eat bark and wood.

isopterophobia is the name of the phobia relating to the fear of insects that eat wood

small insects such as mosquitos and small flies. wood frogs eat bugs. not bees.

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