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q: are there any devices to assist with movement after total collapse of bilateral humeral heads?
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what is proximal migration of the humeral head?

proximal migration of the humeral head is movement of the top part of the uppermost arm bone into the shoulder socket.

function of teres major?

the main function of the teres major is its assistance with the movement of the humerus. it helps with the downward and backward movement of this and it also stabilizes the humeral head in the glenoid cavity.

what is the cpt code for humeral osteotomy?


pertaining to the upper arm bone?


what is the humeral scapular joint?

what is the rip cage

is mild sclerosis of right humeral head caused by degenerative changes?

mild sclerosis of the right humeral head is often caused by degenerative changes.

what is the medical term meaning pertaining to the humerus?


what are the categorys of endocrine gland stimulus?

hormonal, humeral, and neural.

what is the part of the humeral condyle that articulates with the radius?

head of radius

what is ossific density along humeral cortex?

an ossific density along the humeral cortext is an area of the outer layer of the upper arm bone that is more dense than the surrounding areas.

describe the shoulder joint?

ball, humeral head and socket, glenoid fossa joint, with extensive mobility strengthened by the rotator cuff except from below. and transverse humeral, 3 flaps of glenohumeral ligaments.

what is the difference between a cope and humeral veil?

the cope is a long, cloak-like tunic that is worn during special occasions such as benediction of the blessed sacrament. the humeral veil is a 2.75 m long, 90 cm wide cloth, with a simple clasp or tie-string, at the breast. the humeral veil is used for holding sacred items such as the monstrance or bishop's mitre.

what is the common term for the tennis ailment lateral humeral epicondylitis?

tennis elbow.

what mechanisms control the secretion of hormones?

negative feedback, humeral, hormonal, and neural.

when and why does a priest wear a humeral veil?

a humeral veil is used by the priest or deacon whenever there is benediction, in which the blessed sacrament ( body of christ) is exposed in a device called a monstrance. it used to cover his hands so that the focus is on jesus and not on the priest

what is chondral disease in the superior lateral humeral head?

chondral disease in the superior lateral humeral head is disease of the cartilage in the ball of the upper arm bone that fits in the shoulder joint. the location of this disease on the ball is the top of the side of the ball.

list the sources of control of hormone levels?

neural control, hormonal control, and humeral control (:

what are two uniaxial joints?

humeral-ulnar joint (elbow), tibial-femoral joint (knee)

is humeral-ulna joint an example of second class lever?

no it is an example of a third class lever

what path does an erythrocyte take from the bone marrow of the left humeral head to the renal vein?

erythrocytes are red blood cells. in order to go from the bone marrow of the left humeral head to the renal vein, an erythrocyte would have to go through the entire cardiovascular system.

what path does erythrocyte from the left humeral head to the renal vein?

it would have to transverse the entire cardiovascular system to do that.

what bone fits into the cavity of the scapula bone?

humeral head. but, which cavity? clavicle also joins the scapula.

what is the rounded knob on the humerus that articulates with the radius?

the capitulum on the humeral condyle articulates with the head of the radius to form a pivot joint.

what is the other name for shoulder?

gleno-humeral joint gleno - named after the "socket" where the "ball" of the humerus fits in

what does avascular necrosis of both humeral and femoral heads?

the heads of these two bones are not receiving enough blood supply and are dying.