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what is the difference between man made and natural structures?

man-made structures were made by humans, but natural structures made itself.

what are man made solid structures?

man made solid structures are structures that humans have built. examples of man made solid structures are dams, brick walls and concrete and cement blocks.

definition for man made structures?

a structure made by a man

what are the differences between natural and man-made structures?

natural structures are formed by themselves whereas man made structures are built to look like something ...

what are the differences between natural and man made structures?

man made structures are something that a human builds, and a natural structure is something that comes into the world naturally.

what causes corrosion on manmade structures?

acid rain destroys man made structures

what type of structure is a car?

they are man made structures

what man made structures is most susceptible to damage by acid precipitation?

structures made of limestone and marble are susceptible to damage by acid precipitation. structures made of iron and copper materials are also susceptible.

what structures in italy are man made?

some famous man made structures in italy are:the colosseum or flavian ampitheatrethe circus maximusthe leaning tower of pisamilan cathedralsistine chapel

what are examples of man made structures?

tokyo tower in japan is an example.

which of these are most damaged by earthquakes?

man made structures.. a+ cheaters lol

the great pyramids at giza are remarkable structures because?

they were the most massive man-made structures until the 20th century

what are different types of shorelines and their characteristics?

there are many different types of shorelines. some examples are fine-grained sand beaches, riprap structures or sheltered man-made structures. fine-grained sand beaches are beaches with fine sand, riprap structures are rocky shorelines and man-made structures are structures like docks, built by men.

what man made structures are seen from space?

the great wall of china is one.

examples of man-made shell structures?

a coke can a plane a helmet

what are human features of maryland?

the english language as well as the man made structures

are pyramids considered igneous rocks?

no. they pyramids are man-made structures made out of sandstone (which is a sedimentary rock).

examples of man-made frame structures?

there are many examples of man made frame structures such as a bike frame, which uses triangles to make it very strong. scaffolding is another example of a man made frame. you could also find loads of frames if you stripped down the outside of a building. dan

does cozumel have mountains?

no. cozumel is completely flat. the highest points are man made structures.

why is david wearing a bow tie in this pic?

because he trys so hard to be a man but fails what pic?

what structures in argentina is man made?

the buenos aires obelisk is a man made structure in argentina. it was made in 1936 to celebrate the city's 400th anniversary. it stands about 220 feet tall.

rotifers are made of what structures?

rotifers are made of what structures

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